Parent Testimonials

"My two year old twin daughters took ISR lessons from Jordan and LOVED it!  My husband and I were amazed by how quickly they progressed.  By the end of 5 weeks, my daughters were swimming completely on their own!  Jordan is warm, kind, encouraging and a phenomenal teacher!!  I highly recommend Jordan’s ISR lessons to all of my family and friends."   

~ Christin L., mother of twin girls

6 Month Old Hayes relaxing in his float   

6 Month Old Hayes relaxing in his float


"ISR was an amazing experience.  We started our son at 6 months old, and it was absolutely incredible.  I went into it thinking that there was no way it could work on a child that young, but it did, and it happened so fast (just like the instructors said it would!).  As a mom, I was afraid that the class experience would make him fearful of the water, but it didn't at all.  He loves to be in the pool and in the bath.  We have a pool at home, and even though we have multiple locks on our back door and fence, you can never be too careful.  I've read so many horror stories of children drowning in backyard pools, so I wanted to do whatever we could to prevent that with our children.  There is nothing better than being within reach of your child, but just knowing that my child can rollover and float if he were ever to fall in is just one more step in preventing a tragedy.  I am so thankful for the ISR program, and I would recommend it to anyone!!"

~ Marianna C.