Lesson Info

Please note our new location for all Traditional Stroke lessons in Richardson, TX! Your swimmers will enjoy our brand new pool designed to better serve our awesome swim families! Located near the intersection of Coit & Arapaho.


Parents may stay and watch the entire lesson on Thursdays (“Show Off Day”). For all other days of the week, all parents/siblings/etc must wait outside the gate during the lesson. This is for the safety of all swimmers involved. No exceptions.


When children are a minimum age of 3.5 they may start my stroke lessons, although I highly encourage participation in ISR self-rescue swim lessons prior to beginning stroke lessons. For more information on ISR self-rescue lessons please email j.benners@infantswim.com


Private Lessons and Semi-Private Lessons are 20 minutes in length, Monday through Thursday.  

Small Group Lessons are 30 minutes in length (Monday through Thursday), at the same time each day.  Private and Semi-Private Lessons are 20 minutes in length Monday through Thursday (unless otherwise specified) at the same time each day.  If inclement weather causes a lesson cancellation, these missed classes are made up on Fridays of that same week.

Small Group Lessons have a maximum of 4 swimmers in each class, with 2 instructors present per class. Having 2 instructors during lessons ensures safety of all swimmers, as well as allows us to progress each student individually for enhanced progress. Unlike other swim programs, I will not go above a 2:1 student to instructor ratio as that compromises safety.

You may register for as many weeks as you like, and the weeks do NOT need to be consecutive (a two week minimum is recommended for all children learning to swim).

Recommended age for Small Group traditional stroke lessons is age 3.5 and up. Any child age 6 months through age 6 years can register for our ISR classes for enhanced safety.

If you feel your child will not be comfortable in a small group setting with drop off, a private lesson would be recommended as we can make special accommodations on an individual basis.


Small Group Lessons are scheduled every half hour from 8:30am-12:30pm, and from 3:00pm-6:00pm. See Schedule for details.


Small Group Lessons  (max of 4 swimmers, 2 instructors)            
$95 per week** per child
Semi-Private Lessons  (2 swimmers, 1-2 instructors)                     
$120 per week** per child
Private Lessons (1:1 ratio)
$180 per week**, or $45 per 20 minute lesson

**Per Week = 4 consecutive 30 minute lessons for small groups, 4 consecutive 20 minute lessons for Private and Semi-Private Lessons
**Semi-Private and Private lessons are NOT available during the month of June as this month is devoted to Small Group lessons.  
**Private and Semi-Private lessons (including swim team prep, etc) can be booked in May & July.

All lesson rates reflect an automatic donation towards CHAMPIONS WEEK for children with special needs.  Families of children with special needs often have excessive medical bills preventing them from participating in recreational activities, so CHAMPIONS WEEK allows these families to enjoy a swim lesson experience in a skilled and safe environment at no cost.  Thank you for being a part of blessing these families by participating in lessons with Swimming With Jordan! If you would like to make a separate donation to CHAMPIONS WEEK, please email swimmingwithjordan@gmail.com with the subject line “Champions Week Donation” for donation instructions.


Aside from the skills learned during their swim lesson (swimming skills, technique, safety, and of course fun!), at the end of every swim lesson swimmers can enjoy either water or gatorade to rehydrate, as well as choose one special treat  (lollipops, etc) from the "TREAT BOX." This is always a HUGE motivator for the kids.   If your child has any food allergies or special diets, please plan to have a snack or alternative treat ready for them afterwards (stickers, etc). All food and drinks are kept outside the pool entrance. Additionally, there is a special award given to each child at the end of every week!

PAYMENT: Once you receive an official REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION email from Jordan, PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL within 1 WEEK of the receipt of the confirmation email.  If payment & registration forms are not received within 1 week, your child will lose their lesson slot.

After May 1, 2019 no refunds will be issued for 2019 summer lessons.